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Tondeo’s Versatile Rotating Shears

Jan Hillenmeyer | October 3, 2013 | 1:17 PM
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Open blade channeling cut .
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Zammitto uses the Rotation shears by Tondeo to create a skin fade mohawk.
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Rotation_Free shears by Tondeo.
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Rotation S Shears by Tondeo.
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Boston stylist, salon owner and inventor Carmelo Zammitto holds patents on the Rotation S and Rotation_Free shears, which he invented to offer stylists a wide range of hair cutting options. The shears are made by German manufacturer Tondeo AG.

The Rotation S features a rotating thumb hole for stylist comfort and flexibility. Zammitto offers cutting classes and recently demonstrated  a skin fade Mohawk and a spiky short style achieved with a variety of slicing and channeling techniques. The Rotating shears enable professionals to execute any cutting techniques on wet or dry hair. The shears are available at

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