How to Get Yourself Out of a Beauty Funk

Carlos Valenzuela | October 14, 2013 | 10:43 AM
Carlos Valenzuela

One day, you wake up and you’ve had it.

Making others look and feel good got to you.

If you aren’t making the money, you think about doing something else, if you are, you feel trapped. Either way, the beauty funk arrives one day casting tidings of doubt and boredom on all.

 If you get nothing from this blog, remember this:

  • During beauty funk attacks, do nothing except eat more chocolate.
  • Do not buy anything but chocolate (dark a bonus)
  • Do not change your name, jobs or move. Stay one with your chocolate stash.
  • Do not have “the talk,” instead share your Godiva with him or her
  • If anything irritates you, cram mouth with chocolate; leave no room for words.
  • The funk is a fairly good indication that you are alive
  • Your mission is minimal negative residue
  •  You know not to grocery shop when you are hungry, bored, lonely, angry, or tired. Recall this formula for disaster: Plastic + hungry + bored + Costco = $$$? Likewise, remain passive during funk attacks on a host of issues. And, funk-regret goes hand in hand with funk-apology, if you value your cacao.

 Aside from chocolate:

  1. Take responsibility for your funk: Happiness is a choice. You are the only one who can make you happy. No sense sitting around cutting down your boss, Give it up.
  2. Get a moving: I ride my bike and return kissing babies.
  3. Change it up: work + home + TV + Facebook + repeat =FUNK
  4. Take a class: online, seminar, shows, volunteers or flies a kite.
  5. Fall in love: nothing energizes like getting smitten.

The funk is like the flu, you could get it—but it passes.

Take precaution, know you have it, wait it out, and don’t spread it around.

Get over it.


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