A Japanese Rainstorm Inspires a Greek Headband Twist

Alison Alhamed | October 20, 2013 | 2:38 AM
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If I had been told that, while on Pivot Point International’s study abroad trip to Tokyo, I would take a pirate ship and a railway to the top of a volcano, to eat a black egg while attempting to see Mt. Fuji in the middle of a typhoon, I would have thought you just recited a Mad Libbs sentence. But, that’s EXACTLY what happened.

Hakone National Park is part of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park and is less than 80 miles from Tokyo. It offers unbelievable views and is most famous for its hot springs, natural beauty and the view of nearby Mt. Fuji.

Hiro, our Japanese tour guide for our trip, told us about the famed hard-boiled egg that visitors are encouraged to eat at the top of a long climb to increase longevity.

“Eat one egg for seven extra years of life,” she said. “Eat two eggs for 14 extra years. Eat three eggs, and die of bad cholesterol.”

The eggs are boiled in the hot springs, and the shell turns black with a slightly sulphuric smell. They’re served five eggs to a bag and are warm to the touch.

It was the most fantastic day of exploring the park and, being that we're a group of hairdressers, obviously we wouldn't let the rain spoil our fun (or our hair!).

Kelsey, a student at California's Federico Beauty Institute, was sporting this look as the rain progressed and she looked so darling that more of the students started to recreate the look as well.

All you need to create this effortless style is an elastic headband (our favorites are made by Pink Pewter)!

This look is so cute on second-day hair, and is especially perfect for textured hair.

Begin by placing the headband on top of the head and across the fringe area--this look always pairs nicely with a little volume on top, so feel free to backcomb a bit!

Next, begin tucking in the lengths of the hair at the sides and nape, and roll in all the pieces into the headband.

Shoulder-length hair wraps in perfectly, but shorter hair works, too. Feel free to leave some whispy ends out to create a messy effect.

On straight hair, the effect is very pretty if, while rolling the lengths into the elastic, you create loops and tucks.

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