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Practical Government Shutdown Lessons

Carlos Valenzuela | October 21, 2013 | 9:54 AM
Carlos Valenzuela

Washington may seem a distant world, but a government shutdown offers lessons very close to home. It’s frustrating to witness the antics of politicians, and while you await your opportunity to voice an opinion at the ballot box, double check that your business is not riddled with the stuff of shutdowns.

  1.  Are you result oriented? - is your reward how happy the client is with the result –not you being right? Proving yourself right when dealing with the public or a client is a dangerous game, even when you are right. So if you recommended overall color, go with the highlights she wants-- with a smile.
  2.  Do you campaign on empty promises? Or do you carry through on your customer service pledge, plus maintain the quality of your work throughout a client’s lifecycle.
  3. Variable customer experiences are a frequent client complaint, “It was great the first couple of times, but now I feel taken for granted." Best to under-promise and over-deliver, I say.
  4.  Do you change your strategy when your first thought or suggestion is not working for you, the client, or team and management? Or, is it my way or the highway? Life is a series of compromises, particularly your professional life, and your ability to compromise is a key barometer of your success.
  5.  Are you sticking to a budget for business and personal expenses based on true earnings and projections? Know when to go lean and when to spend on non-necessities. Although our industry thrives on trends and novelty, you don’t need to own them all, just be up on them.
  6.  Are you the ghost professional? Show up with your A game for your workday. There is no “abstain” or “not present” option in the salon business. If you snooze, you lose—big time.

 You are always a winner when you remember that there is a lesson in any apparent loss. Here is a great mantra: “I always win and when I don’t, I learn.”




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