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The Guerilla Is Gone But It's Not Too Late for You

Ivan Zoot | October 21, 2013 | 9:57 AM

Jay Levinson passed away on October 12, 2013. My Levinson was a hero of the advertising world. He was responsible for many memorable and iconic advertising campaigns with which you are definitely familiar. He created the Marlboro Man and the Pillsbury Doughboy among others. He consulted with the who’s who of big companies on the planet.

He was never able to get me to start smoking. I do not particularly like biscuits, but he hugely impacted me and my career trajectory. More importantly he is in a large measure responsible for my successes in the hair business.

The Guerilla Is Gone But It's Not Too Late for You

My Levinson was the author of the wildly successful small business marketing book series Guerilla Marketing. He wrote numerous titles. With the onset of the internet he expanded his marketing to a web site and on line business.

I read the Guerilla Marketing books. I built my business with his tips, tricks and ideas. His Guerilla marketing ideas were and STILL ARE ideally suited to the entrepreneurial nature of the barber game. You have a limited budget. You have a limited amount of time to devote to marketing. You have a VERY limited skill set in professional marketing. You and your barber business are perfect for employing Mr. Levinson’s Guerilla marketing ideals.

Guerilla marketing is more than just marketing ideas and tactics. It is an attitude. It is a mindset. It is the idea that small underfunded players can win. It is the idea that wily, creative folk can outsmart those who can outspend them. It is the idea that creativity, co-operation and craftiness can reap disproportional rewards for businesses and individuals.

I chuckle a little bit when I think of my Guerilla marketing experiences because I used Guerilla Marketing to even outsmart my Guerilla marketing mentor. I only bought one of Mr. levinson’s books in all the years I owned my shop and employed his ideas with a vengeance. I got all my Guerilla marketing books from the library! …A perfect example of a simple idea. I got all my Guerilla Marketing information for FREE. That is a sign of a true student of the Guerilla marketing mindset.

Get a Guerilla marketing book for yourself. Dig in. There are great ideas, powerful insights, easy campaigns. You will be amazed at the things Mr. Levinson offers up that can change your game and the way you play it.

Share ideas you like here on the comments section of this blog or post them to my clipperguy facebook page. I will share a favorite or two of mine in the coming weeks.

Thank you Mr. Levinson, Mr. Guerilla marketing.

Keep clippering.


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