HOW-TO: "Color Ombre" Technique Using Pravana VIVIDS & PASTELS

Lauren Salapatek | October 24, 2013 | 8:34 AM

HOW-TO: "Color Ombre" Technique Using Pravana VIVIDS & PASTELSCheck out the most wearable rainbow look yet! Danny Moon, Celebrity Colorist at the Andy LeCompte Salon in West Hollywood, introduces the “Colombre” technique for clients that want bold, standout color. This look allows the wearer to flaunt fun and innovative color that’s still mainstream enough to feel comfortable.

This technique is a key tool for colorists to add to their arsenal of talents, as it can open clients up to a more versatile way to wear bright colors. “This look allows the client to cater to both sides of her personality,” says Danny, “The side that likes to ride on the back of a motorcycle and the boss-side that handles her business and conquers the world.”

How to Get the Look:

Products Needed: Pure Light Power Lightener, 20 Volume Crème Developer, your favorite Pravana ChromaSilk Vivids or Pastels Colors

Creating the Teal Shade: Dilute Vivids Green by mixing 1/4 of Vivids Green with 1oz of Vivids Clear. Add more Vivids Green for a deeper teal.

HOW-TO: "Color Ombre" Technique Using Pravana VIVIDS & PASTELSStep-By-Step Instructions:

STEP 1: Mix Pravana Pure Light Power Lightener with the developer of choice; take into account the starting level, desired level, and condition of the hair.

STEP 2: Section the hair into four sections; parting from ear to ear and forehead to nape.

STEP 3: Beginning at the nape, take horizontal subsections approximately three inches thick (depending on the density of the hair) and back comb the subsection five times to soften the line of demarcation.

STEP 4: Apply Pravana Pure Light Power Lightener to the last fourinches of hair and seal with foil; continue working this technique up the head through each of the four sections.

STEP 5: Allow the hair to process until the desired level is achieved; refer to Pravana's lifting guidelines for Vivids and Pastels to achieve true-to-tone color and optimal longevity.

STEP 6: Once the recommended level of lift has been achieved, shampoo, condition, and dry hair completely.

*Note: If the hair has become overly porous, a Pravana Silk Degrees Shine Treatment can be applied to the hair to ensure greater longevity of the chosen Vivids, Pastels or custom shade: mix four drops of Silk Degrees Serum into 1 ounce of Silk Degrees Treatment and apply to freshly shampooed hair; Place a processing cap over the hair and process under medium heat for 20 minutes then rinse; dry the hair completely to prepare for the Vivids, Pastels or custom shade application.

STEP 7: Apply the desired Vivids, Pastels or custom shade on the previously lightened ends; allow to process for 20 minutes at room temperature.

STEP 8: Shampoo lightly and rinse with cool water until water runs clear; style as desired.

HOW-TO: "Color Ombre" Technique Using Pravana VIVIDS & PASTELS

HOW-TO: "Color Ombre" Technique Using Pravana VIVIDS & PASTELS

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