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Waterfall Waves

October 31, 2013 | 9:51 AM
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Hair: Jim Roberts

Assisted by: Jose Perales and Bee Salas

Photography: Roberto Ligresti

Make-up: David Maderich for

Fashion styling: Angela Kelley for Halley Resources

Creating texture is easier than ever with the new appliances on the market. Stylists and clients are experimenting more with texture using tools that can be faster and offer more consistent curl.

"The approach to curling hair has changed certainly over the years," says Jim Roberts, BaBylissPRO Show and Education Director and owner of JRoberts Hair, Hickory, North Carolina. "Not only are many of these new tools easy to use, but the curl offered is longer lasting. The whole concept just re-arranges how we look at curling hair."

The "concept" Roberts refers to is the MiraCurl, the BaBylissPRO tool that encases the hair in a chamber to heat simultaneously from the inside and out.

"This tool offers 360 degrees of heat," he says, "and there are three temperature settings, up to 450. Between the heat settings and the timing [8, 10 or 12 seconds] there can be plenty of versatility."

Here Roberts demonstrates the ease of creating a consistent curl pattern using the new MiraCurl—and how to create a special-occasion look with body, shine and elegance.





Waterfall Waves How-To

Roberts notes that alternating the curl direction, created with the press of a button, allows the stylist to be more creative.


1. Pull out a 1/2-inch section and direct forward. Comb through and apply thermal spray from roots to ends. Place the MiraCurl close to new growth to curl the full length of the section.

2. Press to close and allow the section to be drawn into the MiraCurl.

3. Hold 8-12 seconds, depending on desired curl.

4. Release by opening and allow the curl to come out freely.

5. Pin in place and allow hair to cool.

6. Once set, remove the pins. Begin creating the waterfall braid at the temple. Take three sections, directed diagonally to the back.

7. Drop one small section out from the lowest piece.

8. Pick up a 1/2-inch section from underneath.

9. Pull up into the lowest third of the selected sections and braid.

10. As you work to the back, continue to take small sections from the top and blend into the braid.

11. Repeat the process, working back along the rounds of the head.

12. Continue to wrap around the head and then pin in place to secure.

13. Flip the length over the top to expose the underside of the braid. Pin to secure.

Products and Tools

Shampoo: Rusk Deep Shine Color Care

Blower: Volare V2 by Ferrari by BaBylissPRO

Curler: MiraCurl by BaBylissPRO

Stylers: Curl Foundation, curl Prep, Hair Spray, Thermal Shine Spray, Defining Spray, all by MiraCurl

Nails: OPI Kiss Me At Midnight, Liquid Sand from Mariah Carey line

Make-up: Mirabella lip gloss; Your Name Cosmetics cheek color; Jane Iredale foundation; and Ardell lashes

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