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Elegant Edge: Clipper Cut Women

November 4, 2013 | 11:05 AM
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1. Isolate a section above the rounds of the head.
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8. Return to the back hairline. Define the line, creating a deep V at the nape.
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11. Using the Andis Excel Ultra, clipper over comb to blend occipital.
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12. Return to the sides and clipper over comb up over the parietal with Excel Ultra.
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2. Begin cut along the temple. Following a vertical plane, clipper over comb to desired length.
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3. Direct hair down and clipper to define the line.
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4. Now take the hair from along the top. Direct back, elevate and clipper over comb, leaving slightly disconnected.
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5. Blend into the side continuing to clipper over comb with slight elevation.
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6. Lift hair up at the top. Using the clipper, cut straight across to remove the corner.
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7. Direct fringe forward. Using the clipper, remove weight to add texture.
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9. Create texture along the sides. Hold out horizontal sections and, using the tip of the clipper, remove weight where desired.
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10. Clean up the line along the hairline with the Andis Charm trimmer.
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Assorted techniques, like clipper over comb, notching and varying attachments, can make clipper cutting easy and fun, says Jessica Zeinstra, an Andis platform artist who has honed her skills in the clipper world and demonstrates her expertise on both men and women.


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