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HOW TO: Dramatic Color Design From One Artist to Another

Maggie Mulhern | November 8, 2013 | 7:20 AM
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Closer side view of hair color.
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Closer side view of hair color.
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Lenny Golonka and his assistant Sara Guarducc.
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HOW TO: Dramatic Color Design From One Artist to Another

Lenny Golonka practices fun and interesting color designs on fellow salon professionals at the Dieci Lifestyle Spa and Salon in Livingston, NJ where he works. For his most powerful looks he grabs his assistant, Sara Guarducci. "She is my muse," he says. "Everytime I think of something strong, I do it on her."

Golonka created this eye-popping red and white finish in late October for Halloween. "The red is supposed to look like blood," he adds. "This design is quite simple and I love how it has changed over the past two weeks. It's starting to look a bit pink, but the white ends still look amazing."

STEP 1: Bleach out hair completely (Golonka used Wella's Blondor Creme with 20 volume for 40 minutes).

STEP 2: Using a brush and bowl, apply a red formula to root and along nape (Golonka used Wella Relights /44 with a touch of /56 with Gentle Emulsion). Placement should be slightly imperfect. Process for 20 minutes.

STEP 3: Before rinsing, place a heavy conditioner on the ends protect (Golonka used Wella Enrich).

STEP 4: Rinse carefully at the bowl, making sure to keep the white ends protected from the red to prevent bleeding.

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