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Behind the Scenes: Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Matthew Morris

Maggie Mulhern | November 14, 2013 | 10:10 AM
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Matthew Morris, owner of the Matthew Morris Salon and Skin Care in Denver, Colorado, was one of 20 hairdressers invited to create the classic looks for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, taped last night in NYC. The highly rated show will be shown on December 10 on CBS.

This is third time Morris “did” the VS show.  He has done hundreds of fashion shows as a member of the support team for superstar Orlando Pita, but for Morris, “This was by far my favorite. This was the most relaxed show we’ve ever done. It was actually fun!” Morris and the rest of the Orlando team had plenty of time to have that fun. They arrived at 7:30 in the morning and wrapped by 9 pm. The artists have about one hour with each model (there are 40), but they must allow time for interviews and behind the scenes activities. Two shows are taped during the day and each model has to be re-done for each show.

MODERN chatted with Morris after the tapings to get his true backstage report and asked him for some of the insider scoop which he willingly shared. Here he answers 5 burning questions:

1. MSM: What is the key to creating that classic Victoria’s Secrets look?

MM: “Lots of extensions. Of the 40 models, there is only one that does not use extensions. Some of the girls already have them but we have plenty on hand, however we love it when a model shows up with her own extensions.  We do not use clip ins, but bonded for the show. As far as wrapping is concerned, we wrap diagonally from the face, alternating direction with a 1 ½ inch barrel curling iron. The key is to create a natural fall with shiny, healthy, full hair.”

2. MSM:  Any surprises in this show?

MM: “This year the VS team embraced different lengths of hair. In the past it’s always been long. For this show we even have a bob! We left it it's natural length, but made it fuller.”

3. MSM: What is the best part of the show for you?

MM: “It is just so much fun in a relaxed environment. There is not the stress in a typical fashion week show.  The Victoria’s Secret show gets the best of the best, from the best hairdressers to the best make up artists to the best models, food, even security! Everyone there is a pro and we all trust each other. No one drops the ball. It doesn’t feel like work. It’s like going to a party with your friends.”

4. MSM: This is the first time a professional salon company, ghd, has been invited to sponsor the Victoria’s Secret show. Did that change anything for you?

MM: “I LOVED the ghd dryer.  This was my first time using it and I will definitely use it in the salon.  Everybody on the team loved that dryer. I am thrilled they were invited to sponsor the show because it gave me a chance to use it.” [ghd is available primarily via CosmoProf as its prefered distributor in US.]

5. MSM: How did you get on Orlando team…or how does one get on the team?

MM: “I met Orlando when I did the TV reality show Shear Genius. He got to watch me for 6 weeks and then invited me to be on his team. I am the only salon owner and the only person from outside of NYC who is on his team. He knows I will drop everything to work with him.  It’s been fantastic.  To answer the second part of the question, I would have to say it’s important to be based in NYC.  In addition to being a good hairdresser, you must be reliable and loyal. Any hairdresser on his team must pay attention to detail and do exactly was he does without interpretation. You have to remember to know your place and that you are there for Orlando first…not the Victoria’s Secret models or for yourself. To get on his team…I guess you will have to ask Orlando himself [we will…stay tuned].

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