One Pixie, 5 Looks (Thanks, Charlize!)

Rosanne Ullman | November 17, 2013 | 2:16 PM

One Pixie, 5 Looks (Thanks, Charlize!)Your client loves the pixies we’re seeing on a diverse crop of celebs from Pam Anderson to Jennifer Hudson, but she’s afraid that she’d get bored with such short hair. No ponytail, side pony or topknot. No flirty flipping or long, romantic waves. Still, she has the features to carry a pixie and would love the wash-and-go lifestyle. She just can’t decide.

How can you help? 

Find a gorgeous celebrity who really rocks the pixie. That would be Charlize Theron. Show your pixie-yearning client how more aggressive layering or heavier volume in the fringe area can provide a variety of options. Even without changing much about the cut, you can take your fingers and some product and show your client how to switch up the pixie to match the occasion.

Click here to read more about celebrities’ pixie looks.

For instruction in a pixie cut-and-color, check out the video below posted by Guy Cammarano and Angela Dolan for Regis Corp.

One Pixie, 5 Looks (Thanks, Charlize!) One Pixie, 5 Looks (Thanks, Charlize!)
One Pixie, 5 Looks (Thanks, Charlize!) One Pixie, 5 Looks (Thanks, Charlize!)

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