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Tried It, Liked It: Product Review of Malibu C Original C Serum

Anne Moratto | November 18, 2013 | 9:53 PM

Tried It, Liked It: Product Review of Malibu C Original C Serum

Personally, I prefer to be an oxidizing old bag to an aging old bag; "oxidizing" has a lovely, high-tech ring to it. And oxidizing is what is happening to our skin as it is exposed to oxygen combined with the elements--wind, water, sun--which results in free radical damage that, in turn, results in those spidery fine lines, uneven skin tone and "age spots" hereby renamed as "oxidizing spots."

So, now that we understand what's happening, what to do about it? Manage it. Total Oxidation Management (TOM) is a lifestyle approach created by Tom Porter, CEO and Founder of Malibu Wellness, that "combines the use of topically applied freshly activated antioxidant vitamins along with making  smart choices that minimize exposure to oxidizing elements." Porter, known to editors as "The Water Whisperer" because he can determine your location based on the mineral content of your water, has created Malibu C Original C Serum to fight free radical damage and the resulting skin conditions including dry skin, hyperpigmentation and wrinkles. 

For two weeks, I faithfully applied the Malibu C Original C Serum and the result is a definite easing of fine lines and improved brightness to my skin.  The serum is mixed with activating crystals (Vitamin C, once exposed to air, loses its potency so mixing this way preserves its antioxidant fighting powers)  and is smoothed onto skin twice a day and, unlike other Vitamin C products I have tried, there is no "burn" or after-itch.  It is fragrance-free, 100% vegan and its compact size makes it travel-friendly, offering serious hydration after hours in a plane.

The Malibu C Original C Serum is one product in a system of skin care treatments that Malibu C offers, targeting very specific skin concerns.  These are not "hope in a jar" formulas but skin care solutions.  Beauty professionals recommending these to their clients are able to hone-in on their client's skin needs based on the Malibu C map on their website:

Oxidizing never looked so good.

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