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Beth Minardi Signature Haircolor Launches Ten New Shades

Anne Moratto | November 19, 2013 | 4:57 PM

Beth Minardi Signature Haircolor Launches Ten New Shades

Beth Minardi Signature Color introduces 10 new shades designed to expand colorists’ technical options and creative possibilities. Included in the expansion is the introduction of six new demi-permanent liquid shades for color refresh and glazing services. 

“Demi-permanent color is an expanding category in the haircolor industry and, even more important, it’s an integral part of the Beth Minardi Signature Method of coloring hair,” says Minardi.

Beth Minardi Signature Haircolor Launches Ten New Shades

Minardi, acclaimed salon colorist, educator and product consultant, recently shared her new color with Taryn Manning, star of the hit Netflix series Orange is the New Black

 Beth Minardi offers her commentary on the new Beth Minardi Signature Demi-Permanent Liquid Shades which include:




• 10BB/In The Buff

“This lightest beige blonde is ideal for Levels 7 through 10 and pre-lightened hair. It provides soft, beige/blonde tonal deposit and gently banishes unwanted warm and yellow tones. It’s fabulous as a sheer toner and wonderful when used to refresh faded blonde lengths or to tone blonde highlights or fine, pre-lightened blonde hair.”

• 7NB/Praline

“This medium, neutral, balanced blonde is wonderful when used as a mixer to balance and softly cool other shades, or when intermixed as a toner for blonde hair. It gently eliminates unwanted brassy tones and blends gray to an extremely soft, neutral blonde. It’s also beautiful when mixed with lighter, warm blonde shades to tone highlights or to tone very fine blonde hair.”

• 9NB/Almond Parfait

“I guarantee that this very light, neutral balanced blonde will become colorists’ go-to shade for refreshing blonde hair lengths and for softly toning blonde highlights. It’s great when used alone, and can also be diluted with Invisible (Clear) or other light or very light blonde shades.”

• 10ICE/Hi Ho Silver

“This lightest, icy blonde provides effective “silverizing" when applied to gray hair. It’s also ideal for creating a “silver fox” look for men. Intermixed with Invisible, it produces the palest platinum toner or can be used to neutralize yellow tones on very light blonde hair. When applied to damp, shampooed, blonde hair and processed for five minutes at the sink, it behaves like a silver rinse.”

• 5CG/Cognac

“This lightest, copper gold brown can be described as a rich, spicy, lightest brown with balanced orange undertones—imagine the color of warm autumn leaves in a bottle! It’s wonderful for effective gray blending and for adding lustrous warm tones to flat or ashy deep blonde or brunette hair. It also infuses natural color with believable, balanced warm tones.”

• 6RCC/Light My Fire

“Choose this intense, deep red, copper blonde for clients who demand a vibrant, fashion-forward red. It can be used to infuse the reddest of red tones when no lift is required. It’s the perfect refresher for red hair that has lost its brilliance. This intense shade contains no background color.”

Minardi has also created four new shades for her Beth Minardi Signature Permanent Creme collection:

• 5NGC/Irish Setter

“This lightest natural golden copper brown creates a rich, oaky, auburn tone in various ranges of brunette. It covers gray hair to a delicious, warm, natural red.”

• 7NGC/Golden Russet

 “This natural golden copper blonde creates believable, red-blonde hues on lighter levels of brunette. It’s perfect for creating red color on hair with high percentages of gray. It’s also ideal when transforming deep ash blonde to soft red.”

• 6G/Golden Sable

 “Use this deep golden blonde to create light, golden coverage on hair that’s up to 100% gray. It also lightens deep brown shades to a gold-infused

‘brownette’ level.”

• 8G/Apple Cider

 “This light golden blonde is great when mixed with my BBs or other warm shades. It provides 100% gray coverage, and when used alone, it infuses rich, honey-gold into lighter, natural levels and gray hair.”

The 10 new Permanent and Demi-Permanent shades will roll out to salons in January and February of 2014.

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