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Party Tricks: Extensions

Chandler Rollins | November 25, 2013 | 11:52 AM

The holidays aren’t coming, they’re here! No need to stress, MODERN has got you covered with five glam extensions looks to try on clients.


<<<Length and Body

For clients looking for an extra hair boost for the holidays, recommend Halo Couture temporary extensions. Add

volume and length instantly, through their “miracle wire,” without clips or adhesives.

ON THE HAIR: 16 inch, 20 inch Halo

Couture Extend


Subtle Drama>>>

HairUWear’s human hair clip-in extensions are easy to use and can be customized to create a dramatic look that’s temporary.

ON THE HAIR: Brunette, Hairdo 5pc Remy Human Hair Extension Kit; Blonde, Hairdo 10pc

Remy Human Hair Extension Kit


<<<Problem Solving

Luscious locks are in regardless of the occasion. For clients plagued with fine, thinning hair or who sport a short crop, Simplicity hair extensions Grafts boost volume and length and feature an adhesive that blends into natural hair.

ON THE HAIR: Simplicity Hair Grafts


For Eye-Catching Fun>>>

Customize a holiday style with bling hair accessories.

Hairdreams Jewels feature Swarovski jeweled strands in eight shapes and colors, which can be worn individually or mixed. Hairdreams Effects offers a variety of creative styling options, including strands with pearls, feathers, metal beads and leather.

ON THE HAIR: Hairdreams Jewels



Add volume and versatility to a chignon or updo by applying Hotheads new micro strands in the temple and parietal ridge areas. Try using Hotheads originals in combination with micro strands for fl exibility and to fi ll gaps.

ON THE HAIR: Hot Heads Originals and Hot Heads Micro Strands

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