14 Shows, 120 Models, One Day: Aubrey Loots Styles LA

Anne Moratto | December 4, 2013 | 8:26 PM
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14 Shows, 120 Models, One Day:  Aubrey Loots Styles LA

Aubrey Loots, Wella Top Artist and owner of Studio DNA in Los Angeles, can be accused of major multi-tasking. Loots has been working with Concept Fashion Week in Los Angeles for five years as Lead Hair Designer. Most recently, Loots and his team styled 14 shows, 120 models and all in one day.

“I’ve been working with Mike Vensel, a fashion designer and producer of Concept Fashion Week in LA, and I key all the shows he produces in New York and Los Angeles,” says Loots. “They have been picking up steam every year. He works with many up and coming designers and creates an incredible art experience.”

Sponsored by Wella and by his own salon, Studio DNA, Loots designs each show along with his team. To plan out the looks, Loots will meet in person with the designer and staff or hold a phone conference.

14 Shows, 120 Models, One Day:  Aubrey Loots Styles LA

“Some designers are very specific about what they want, some send me images of the clothing and some just give me a few key notes and then say come up with something," says Loots. “Doing something like this is challenging but I keep doing it because I have a great team. There is usually a good friend of mine who does makeup and we’ve created a strong, effective approach. We each have a core team of three or four people who act as our right and left arms and then there are another 20 supporting. It’s so much work but the adrenaline keeps you going.”

Loots recently opened an Academy as an extension of his salon and those students were all able to experience the adrenaline-rush of a live fashion show.

“When you do this for a long time, you forget how exciting this is for young people just starting their career so I make sure all the students get to come,” says Loots. I may stagger them throughout the day but by the end of the last day, they all have an opportunity to come backstage. They really get their hands in the hair.“

What does Loots consider his must-have tools and products for conquering this creative challenge? His Mason Pearson Brush, his Y.S. Park Teasing Comb, an array of hot tools, and some key Wella products.

“Thermal Image by Wella is a brilliant product; it’s a heat protector and works for wet or dry hair. It helps give definition, and a little shine as well. Depending on the look, we did use a lot of Wella’s Stay Essential Hair Spray. It’s a great working and finishing spray, all in one.”

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