HOW-TO: Lift From a Light Brunette to a Bright Blonde

Lauren Salapatek | December 13, 2013 | 2:06 PM
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Pasquale Caselle, International Creative Director for It&ly Hairfashion transformed this light brunette into a dazzling bright blonde.

So how did Caselle get this look without compromising the integrity of the hair?

"When lifting 1-7 levels IT&LY’s Blondly Bleaching Cream adheres perfectly to the hair for more uniform results," says Caselle. "This new tube bleaching system can lift 1-7 levels and contains two formula secrets: Argan Oil and Jojoba Oil. These two oils protect, nourish and restore the hair fibers for impeccable results and maintaining hair safety while lifting hair from dark to light. As a result, hair will shine and feel in better condition never before possible with bleaching!"


STEP 1: Caselle heavily foiled the entire head with IT&LY’s Blondly Bleaching Cream with 30 volume developer after processing for 35 minutes (or wait until hair is pale yellow).

STEP 2: Then, he removed all the foils and blended the bleach through the rest of the models brown hair for five minutes.

STEP 3: After thoroughly rinsing and shampooing with IT&LY’s Advanced Color Protection Shampoo, Caselle mixed Aquarly 10N with 20 volume developer for a roots to ends application and processed for 20 minutes. (Prior to application he sprayed the ends with Colorly’s Equalizer 2020 to ensure even coverage.)

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