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Obliphica Partners with Piermarco Group

Jan Hillenmeyer | December 16, 2013 | 12:01 PM
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Anne Enfiomusi, co-owner of Piermarco Group, introduced Obliphica Professional’s CEO Dalal Moussa to the Piermarco team at the Obliphica launch.
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The Piermarco Group and Obliphica teams at the Obliphica launch at Piermarco.
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Salon owner and educator Joe Santy and celebrity stylist Joshua Barrett introduce the Obliphica brand.
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Obliphica’s Dalal Moussa explains the product line to the salon consultants from the Piermarco Group.
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Joshua Barrett applies Obliphica Treatment Shine Spray Serum to Piermarco Group salon consultant Smailey Ozuna.
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Obliphica, a line of hair care, treatment and shine products, has selected Piermarco Group as its distributor in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Piermarco Group is owned by former salon owners Anne and Geppe Enfiomusi who established the distributorship as a business “by hairdressers for hairdressers.”

Dalal Moussa, CEO of Obliphica, helped launch the line to the Piermarco sales consultants at a gathering that included a presentation by celebrity stylist Joshua Barrett who conducted product knowledge classes and the styling secrets he uses on camera. Salon owner and popular industry educator Joe Santy offered sales, marketing and merchandising tips to grow salon business.

“After meeting Dalal Moussa, we wanted to partner with her to offer these luxurious products to our customers,” said Anne and Geppe Enfiomusi. “Obliphica’s sea buckthorn berry formulations give the brand a strong ingredient story. Many of our salon consultants and stylists have a European heritage, so they are familiar with the berry and its health and beauty benefits.”

According to Moussa, “Anne and Geppe are known for pioneering brands through education. Their salon consultants are educated weekly so they understand exactly how to help the salons in their market grow their business. The Piermarco team has already placed our opening deals in many of their market-leader salons with terrific repeat purchases and we are working closely with them to provide the education and merchandising support that will help stylists provide their clients with the most beautiful, rejuvenated, youthful hair possible.”

Moussa was introduced to Obliphica products after her hair was damaged by a bad hair color service. She was so impressed by the condition in which her hair was left after using Obliphica, she purchased the company. Visit

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