COLLECTION: The Royal Marie Antoinette by Alexia Johnny

Lauren Salapatek | December 16, 2013 | 1:09 PM

COLLECTION: The Royal Marie Antoinette by Alexia Johnny Hair sculpting artist Alexia Johnny, at Studio Six Nine Hair Design in Portland, OR, submitted this Marie Antoinette photo shoot to MODERN recently. We asked her about her inspiration, theme and the looks:


“My friend Allison Kerr who is a professional model and I were brainstorming about epic personalities in fashion history, and of course came up with Marie Antoinette. Before I knew it, She waxed nostalgic about having gone to France, visiting Versailles, being in Antoinette’s bedroom, and Louis XVI bedroom, walking down the garden paths amongst the roses, and dancing in the middle of the Hall of Mirrors. She went on about glittering gold, sparkling crystal chandeliers, walls lined with mirrors; and all that made the palace a hallmark of opulence and high fashion in the late 1700s. Allison’s experience in France inspired me, so we both came up with the concept of doing a "Marie Antoinette" photo shoot. We both enjoy challenging ourselves to producing the best high quality workmanship and skills to a worthy project.”

COLLECTION: The Royal Marie Antoinette by Alexia Johnny THEME/LOCATION:

"Our Marie Antoinette photoshoot took place in Pasadena, California, in the city hall courtyard. We had a total of five models and three professional hair and make-up artists at the shoot. Each model was a breathtaking portrait of a French courtesan of the era. It was all hard work but as you can see, it was all worth it.

"The Marie Antoinette hair style, make-up, wardrobe and various props were very challenging aspects of the shoot, but it was very important to me as the Lead Stylist to re-create and bring back the feeling of the 18th century."


“I was inspired by the high piled, sculpted coiffure with added pieces, soft pin curls and lovely hair ornaments. I combined lovely blue and white feathers along with a beautiful flower to compliment the gorgeous vintage gown worn by my model. She truly brought Marie Antoinette to life with her poised beauty and expressed the attitude of a crowned queen of royalty!

COLLECTION: The Royal Marie Antoinette by Alexia Johnny IF SHE COULD DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN…

“I would do it in France, include male models, and capture moments as if Antoinette was alive inside her lovely palace and outside. I would also sculpt wigs up to three feet high crowned with silk ribbons of various colors with very specific hair ornaments. Antoinette was not only royalty by her own right, but a true fashion Goddess who inspired many!


Hair: Alexia (Lexi) Johnny

Make-up: Kelli Gasaway


Model: Anastasia Ved

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