HOLIDAY HOW-TO: Create a Christmas Tree Updo

Lauren Salapatek | December 19, 2013 | 12:58 PM

Full of Christmas tree ornaments and curls, this Christmas Tree updo by Nada Yono, owner of Nadwa Hair Spa can be created using a few arts supplies, hairspray and dedication. “This style was featured on Good Morning America last year, where they showed pictures of the look and I told them how I created it,” says Yono. "This year, I am eager to show MODERN SALON fans how to re-create the style step-by-step."

Wondering how Yono created the look?

STEP #1: Take a Styrofoam cone (which will be the base of your Christmas Tree Updo) and spray paint it blonde.

STEP #2: Take synthetic curly hair and pile it up on the cone (a little at a time) until it covers all the Styrofoam.

STEP #3: Take ornaments and “hang” them in the hair.

STEP #4: Before adding prepared Styrofoam Christmas tree to your model’s hair, create a ponytail on your model’s head and then incorporate their hair into the tree.

NOTE: Create the full tree first before you put it on the head. Then, pin it to the head and work the hair around the face to blend it in. Use Eufora Working Spray to keep the look in place.


HOLIDAY HOW-TO: Create a Christmas Tree Updo


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