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2014 Time: Make a Plan to Make it Happen

Ivan Zoot | January 2, 2014 | 9:44 AM

2014 is here.  I hope you enjoyed a happy, healthy and prosperous holiday season and are jumping into the New Year with optimism and enthusiasm.

The world of ClipperGuy has a lot to look forward to in the coming year.  I have completed a new (my 8th) ClipperGuy book.  It is at the editors now for release shortly.  Shop Modern Salon is launching soon with ClipperGuy Books, dvds and other surprises.  The Marianna schools team is poised to be an exciting source for new products and world class support to the cosmetology school industry.  I will be busy this year.

I am planning to rock 2014.  It will not be a good year it will be a great year.  I know it because I am planning for it.  These things do not just happen.  They take planning.  Below are some of my plans.  You are welcome to use some of my plans in your planning.  I would love to learn of some of your plans.

2014 Time: Make a Plan to Make it Happen

Clipperguy is planning for 2014:

I will move beyond social media – We have all been binging on social media.  In many cases this has been to the exclusion of other forms of connection and business building.  Do not get me wrong.  Social media is good.  Social media works.  But social media is not everything.  It is not the only thing.  It is still not the best way to build business in a hair styling chair or any other situation.  I will go old school.  I will ask for referrals.  Shake hands. Send real paper thank you notes.  I will find new ways to use old tools to connect and grow business.

I will stay connected to social media.  I will get better at social media.  I will remember social media is a portion of my marketing efforts, not the whole game.  Social media has matured.  Best practices have evolved.  There are resources now available to help me use social media more effectively.  Get a book.  I did.  One of the best is the new Jab, jab, Jab, Right Hook from Gary Vanerchuck.

I will learn something new – I have plotted out a personal growth plan for 2014.  I want to learn.  I want to try something new.  Who do I want to become?  This stuff does not happen by accident.  It takes a plan.  Do I need to take a class?  Do I need to attend a show?  Think beyond work.  Perhaps this is the year I learn to play the banjo (no, just an example).  Maybe this is the year I jump out of a plane (no, again, just an example, wife will not let me).  Learn something.  Learn anything.  Whatever I add to me benefits me and everyone i connect with.

I will plan now to raise my prices – It has been a few years now that I have been promoting July 1st as “Raise your haircut prices day in the USA”.  I will be hopping up and down about this all month in June this year as well.  June is really too late to begin this conversation.  Let’s start discussing it NOW!  Plan for it.  Understand how to do it right.  I am happy to help you… But, bottom line…Nike says… JUST DO IT!  Raise your haircut prices in 2014!  I will be raising the prices of all my books, videos and hair care product.  I will be raising my prices for all my live classes and presentations.  I will ask my employer to pay me more.  I will deliver quality and value so I am worth it.

I will block out my vacation time NOW! – All work and no fun makes me no fun.  The sooner I plug in the me time the better chance I will actually take it.  Finding a week to take off with all I have going on today is not easy.  Juggling all the schedules and obligations can be daunting.  I will get out in front of this process now.  I will pick my week.  I will hatch a plan.  I will start saving the cash I will need to fully enjoy the time.

I will help someone – I am all about me in this posting.  I hope you have read into it that it is really all about you.  Yes, I will do these things.  More importantly I am suggesting that YOU do these things along with me.  Our industry takes great pride in the sharing that we do with one another.  We share technical ideas.  We share hair color formulas.  We share horror stories of services gone wrong.  We are at our best when we are helping others.  We shine when we help clients.  We excel when we help co-workers.  We grow when we help the newbies.

I am here to help.  Who will you help in 2014?  How will you help in 2014?

Keep clippering.



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