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Rosanne Ullman | January 5, 2014 | 1:15 PM

We had a huge response when we posted this pic on Facebook and Instagram of water bottles that guide through your hydrated day! Healthy hairdressers know that drinking water gives you energy. You can fit in bathroom breaks between clients! Build in a reminder by booking it into your calendar five minutes ahead of your next appointment. Sounds silly, but then you’re hydrated—and comfortable—throughout the day.

A few of you said that your salon rules prohibit water bottles or you think it’s rude to the client to drink during a service, and some of you protested that you just don’t have time. But the majority of the feedback was all in favor of hydrating. Here are some of the comments promoting water for healthy hairdressers:

Dawn Sartori Hudock: I have seen them all over- Kohl’s has a lot and so do Marshall’s and TJ Maxx.

Barbara Lantz: Great idea! I know since I gave up diet soda and started drinking water I feel sooo much better!

Bare Affair Waxing Studio: This is a GREAT idea! Why hasn't anyone thought of this before! I have a bad habit of not drinking all day and then binge drinking right before bed... meaning I have to get up to go to the bathroom before needing to get up in the morning! Gonna give this a shot!

Rebecca Lanham Weaver: This is so funny. I picked up my check at work today, and it was taped to this bottle. My boss is too funny, but I'm pregnant and the doctor said I need to stay hydrated, especially due to my profession.

Julie Anne Butler: Agreed! So important to drink plain fresh water! Split your body weight in half and that is how many ounces of water you should consume each day!

Amanda Marie Karalis: I always have a water bottle ready full of Spark and another for water. Heathy hydrated hairstylist!

Cindy Long: We have Poland Springs deliver water monthly, and all of us drink a lot of it!! Great for clearer and more supple skin, too!!

April Elliott: I love these water bottles!

SusanYusun Choi Quach: I shall try THIS idea.

Jolene Grant: Love it, so doing this.

Rita Keith-Jackson: As long as you don't drink a gallon in an hour, you can’t drink too much water! Everyone should aim for a gallon over the course of the entire day.

Cass Opperman: Take a min and eat a small snack, too.

Pat Malin Ricciuti: That means a little less coffee for me.

Geraldine Jozwik: I had so many more stomach pains until I started to drink water at work and at home. It has been miraculous! I thought I needed surgery, and then I realized I was very dehydrated. Thank God my boss offers us free water!

Juanita Jane: Good idea

Anna Kapros: My doctors just started making me do this to avoid blackouts & blood work. It’s a lot cheaper and less painful than a hospital visit, and my skin looks good, too!

Kim Hanscom Hodge: Yes, and we should NOT feel bad about having a fruit or snack during the day. Drink all the water you can!

Amanda Sa Ottenbrite: While we should all be drinking water, there is debate as to how much....8 glasses a day does not take into account water we are getting from other beverages or food. Too much water is not good either; generally if you feel hungry you're probably thirsty.

Dawn Billing: So true. I never drink enough water when working.

Lindsay Hostetter: For sure. I always have H2O at my station. Crucial!!

Iliane Fenty Perry: Great idea.

Tammie Kimbrough: I started this. So I’m on it and I’m glad I started this. Everyone do it.

Jennifer Gee: Drink at least 64oz in a day!

Rachel Lang Downward: One of my stylists (who is pregnant) does this!

Heather Day-Lara: I need to do this! May help!!

Brianne Shea: This is awesome!

Timothy Branch: Neat!!!

Louise Cividin: Good idea!

Danielle Pacheco: Such a good idea.

Just Nikki: I've definitely considered this!!

Kathy Doss: I have since I moved to AZ.

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