Shape Shifter: Jennifer Lawrence

Chandler Rollins | January 6, 2014 | 10:17 AM

Jennifer Lawrence


In a recent interview, Jennifer Lawrence revealed she will wear a wig for the filming of the final chapter of The Hunger Games. The cost of transforming the blonde Oscar-winner to her signature brunette braid will cost a reported $30,000 for five $6,000 wigs, says Linda Flowers, hair designer and hair department head for the movie. However, salons can provide a solution for clients without the hefty price tag. Laurence Bate, director of production and design for HairUWear, says although human hair wigs are the best solution, they're more expensive and require professional upkeep, but a $150 investment will allow your client to buy a budget-friendly, natural-looking synthetic wig. 

Shape Shifter: Jennifer Lawrence

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