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New Technology in Men's Grooming

Ivan Zoot | January 13, 2014 | 10:10 AM

2014 is starting for me with a bang (and a blast of very cold air). There is nothing we can do to change the weather. No new technology is available for that, yet.

I was thinking about new technology today as I packed my tool bag for a road trip training educators and students at schools in three states (3 warm, southern states). You know I am clipperguy. You know my bag has more than a few clippers and trimmers in it. While I was wrapping up cords and snuggling clippers into padded cases to protect them from the baggage handlers at United Airlines it occurred to me that I only have one clipper in my bag this is more than two years old. It is all new technology. Not a single electrical tool in my current tool selection has been on the market more than 24 months. I have cordless tools featuring updated battery technologies. I have corded tools with unique housing shapes and designs for alternative hand positioning and manipulation. I have Trimmers with freshly engineered tooth designs and spring tension settings. None of the tools are prototypes. All are readily available for purchase from dealers and websites. You can have any of them right now with the swipe of a credit card.

New Technology in Men's Grooming

Consider that the electric hair clipper is just over 100 years old and that the basic idea has not changed much. How many ways can you skin a client, so to speak? I am very excited about the tools in my bag right now. There are big differences in what they can do and how they do it. When you see me next, ask me about my current favorites. Ask me about how I am using something new to create new things.

This focus on new technology has even inspired to me create my first ever men’s haircut trend collection. This collection will debut in late February. The collection features three haircuts, a short cut, a medium one and a longer look. All share common design elements and are based around a theme inspired by new technology. I am excited to share it here and in live presentations, soon. In 2014 you will have clients requesting elements of design and style showcased in these collection cuts, I promise.

We live in a time of rapid change and leaps in technology. We work in an industry that has little more to sell than change itself. The 2014 show season starts in a few weeks when we gather in Long Beach for the ISSE show. Plan to hit the show with open eyes and a mind open to new ideas. I am judging some competitions at Long Beach. I do not have a classroom presentation. I will be stalking the show floor. I will be at the hairbrained meet-up Saturday night at the Hyatt. I look forward to seeing you there.

How long have you used that clipper? How many years have you used that color line? Are you going to buy another one of that same blow dryer when you drop this one again? It is time to look for new, better, faster more capable options to take your services and offerings into the future. I know that they are out there. I know I have found some favorites. I am eager to hear what you find. Hit the shows this winter and spring with an eye for new. Look beyond the flash and the gimmicks. I am curious to see what you find.

See you at the shows.

Happy clippering.


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