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5 Do's and Don'ts of Taking Client's Blonde

Lauren Salapatek | January 17, 2014 | 3:06 PM

5 Do's and Don'ts of Taking Client's BlondeAs the sun starts to heat up, many clients will be asking to go blonde for summer. However, going blonde isn't for everyone. Joanne Rempel, Program and Product Development Manager for Eufora Color shares her tips on the do's and don't of taking clients blonde.

TIP #1: "Beautiful Blondes are not just a color, - they are an emotion. Going blonde invokes a feeling of excitement and anticipation specifically if you are taking your client from a much darker shade. Finding the right blonde for your client's skin tone, eye color, lifestyle and maintenance schedule is crucial. Blondes can be dramatic or soft, spicy or cool but must be done well. We have seen far too many brassy heads of yellow for far too long. Let’s not kid ourselves, Goldilocks had a great colorist that had her back!"

5 Do's and Don'ts of Taking Client's BlondeTIP #2: "The number one suggestion I have for anybody who is choosing to take their client blonde is before you jump create a plan of attack with them. Going dark to blonde is a journey, one that is often labor intensive and can take multiple sessions depending on the condition of your client's hair. If your client wants to be a blonde and they are a medium brown you will need to manage expectations of how quickly you can achieve the desired target color. It may be in one sitting, it may require multiple color treatments. The difficulty in working with lightening hair to the desired blonde shade is to work with the underlying gold/yellow that is exposed when hair is lightened. Great colorists know what toners to use to enhance or neutralize these unwanted undertones. The darker your client's natural hair color, the more prevalent that underlying pigment is. e sure to have many options in your arsenal to get your client to blonde including dimensional hair coloring – color on color. If your client's hair is too gold, you may want to consider dawning the look with very light cool toned highlights to mute the gold or stick to a softer darker blonde that will allow for greater control of unwanted gold tones with darker toners."

TIP # 3: "Dimensional Blondes are the way to go. The days of root to end solid one-color blondes are gone! Healthy vibrant shades with dimension are in full bloom! Slowly adding dimension to your client's base blonde shade will not only give you subtle change, but will allow your client to be the blonde they want to be while managing their budget. Once your client has landed at their desired target shade, maintenance is simple. Recommend root retouches and refreshing of the ends."

5 Do's and Don'ts of Taking Client's BlondeTIP #4: "When taking your client blonde, always consider skin tone. If they have a rosy completion (pink in the cheeks) and blue or green eyes, you will want your blonde to be on the cool side. Cool in the blonde world means without warmth or minimizing any gold. You will find that platinum or ash blondes look best with this skin tone and eye color. If your client has more gold or yellow to your skin tone (sallow) and brown or hazel eyes, they can wear golden blonde well. Golden blonde does not mean brassy blonde! A beautiful golden blonde is a soft controlled blonde with just the right amount of warmth."

TIP #5: Always recommend a high performance, at home maintenance program for your client's hair. Going blonde often means some serious chemical treatments, often with numerous applications of color, highlights, toner… Hair is depleted of moisture and protein and can often be structurally damaged. A blonde's best friend is Eufora’s Beautifying Elixirs product line. This line is 100% active, meaning the chosen ingredients in this product will begin to heal the hair from the inside out. It is a standard take home product line for blondes in my salon. Pre color, advise clients use Beautifying Elixirs Damage Cure Clay Masque 2-3 weeks prior to a going blonde to ensure the hair is in optimal condition; resulting in greater hair integrity post color. Shine and condition should not be compromised for color. Using the Eufora Beautifying Elixir Clay Masque will begin a restorative process that will repair damaged, parched hair in only a few applications. Recommend your clients treat hair weekly post color to replenish protein and moisture.

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