Can Being Casual Cost You Money?

Carlos Valenzuela | January 21, 2014 | 10:36 AM

Which might be the best personal demeanor when you are in the salon? I will give you options: Strictly Professional, Reserved, Casual, Friendly, and Very Friendly? And, why would this affect how much income you bring home? Doesn’t friendly automatically pull at the heart strings and open pocket books? Apparently not.

 While watching an episode of ABC’s Shark Tank, an investor said, “You really can’t successfully sell to friends.” This struck a cord with me because there is pressure to give your friends a break, a deal. On the other hand, we’ve all had the experience of the friend who went multi-level and pitched you every time they saw you. Pitch to strangers, not me.

Can Being Casual Cost You Money?

 Michel Cole  posted on Facebook “don’t let your clothes get too casual,” and expanded it to client conversations and relationships. Why? Because good customer service and sales require a professional experience and, nothing wears professionalism down faster than making your clients best friends. Ok, so we want to make the client comfortable, but in doing so, we break down professional boundaries making us powerless to do business.

 The more I thought about this, the more I realized it is a major issue in salon relationships. Notice that when you go to a high-priced place, they never show a slap on the back attitude. They are friendly, courteous, but keep that professional distance to remind you that they are not there to hand out, but to sell you something. It’s like they have a script. Bingo.

 Solution? First step might be your frame of mind, are you in the salon to make friends or money? Both you say? If I were your manager, I would say to you that’s a contradiction and ask you begin thinking of serving clients, not hanging with friends.

 Personally, I have always charged top dollar for everything I do. Some people turn me down for something more affordable. That’s ok. I still go with my philosophy because when I charge top dollar there is an unwritten understanding that I will deliver first class service and results. No second bests. I will guarantee the results. I will repair and alter anything. Charging top dollars keeps me on my tops and moves us all along. That’s why.

 You must go to the salon to deliver incredible services and charge appropriately for every minute of your time versus going to the salon to do all your friend’s hair. Create a script for yourself, this is what I need to do, say and act like to bring home the bacon. With those earnings you then party with your friends, who are outside the salon.



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