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Behind the Scene: Basic Hair Principles Create New ABBA Looks

Anne Moratto | January 31, 2014 | 2:48 PM

Recently, ABBA assembled a team in Los Angeles for a photo shoot at MILK Studios to create inspiring new looks from the brand, using as their starting point two contrasting iconic female types—the Ingenue and the Femme Fatale. Emphasizing basic hairdressing principles, the final images from this shoot will take stylists through the “how to” to demonstrate the options open to a hairdresser who understands how to build a solid base in the style to creating stunning updos that will last through the night.

On set for ABBA and Creative Lead for the shoot, Julie Mustoffa from The Parlour Hair Salon in Denver, CO explained that her approach to the shoot was to show that with the right set, anything is possible.

“Session styling has become a really big thing in the last ten years and everyone wants to do it,” says Mustoffa. “In the 1980s the focus was on perming, in the 90’s it was on cutting. Most recently, the emphasis has been on styling and today’s hairdressers are so good with a flat iron or with creating a beachy wave. But they’re not able to do a blow dry that will last five days. They’re not as strong in their finishing skills. So in my salon, I’m talking to my staff about dressing the hair, about sectioning, pinning, placement and understanding face shape. About building a foundation and understanding that basic hairdressing principles really matter.”

ABBA shoots collection images each year, showing three to four looks on one model. Marketing Communications Manager Megan Cantrell shared that ABBA would be holding trainings to show hairdressers how they can help their clients create the personality they want. “With this shoot, we’re showing that sometimes women want to be really powerful, sometimes super sophisticated and sometimes Old Hollywood and that hairdressers can facilitate that transition in their look with the right technique, product and training.”


1. Create a good, strong foundation.

2. Use the right products. “I love Thermal Protector, Volume Gel and Root Lift Volumizing Spray from ABBA.”

3. Get the heat at the base of the hair.

 Stay tuned for final images from this shoot.  Learn more about ABBA at

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