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July 10, 2011 | 10:16 AM
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Hometown: Woodland Hills, CA. L.A URBAN ESCAPE
Cosmetology School: wvoc
I'd like to specialize in: I want to master all aspects of the beauty world!! stylist have a huge responsiblity, and I am open to receiving and accumulating as much knowledge as possible daily!
Role Models: RoleModels come and go...I find that those who are REAL are my inspiration!!
IT'S A STRANGE DESIRE... BUT AN INFLICTING WOUND. THIS IS HOW I'M WIRED. I am DEEPER than you think. If you would like to contradict me, I'm game. I can most likely figure you out within 5 minutes of having a conversation with you. I hunger to be an obstruction of your mind. I thirst for you to figure me out. You have now entered my masquerade. You can uncover your facade. I believe myself to be genuine and I would never betray the ones I love. I value my family and those who are REAL. I like to be fascinated by the anomalous. I am constantly thinking and I love to write poetry. I have Loved... Lost... and Learned. The three things that every soul should feel. I yearn for those that put a smile on my face. I crave for the one that will give to me what I will give back. I do not belong in anyone's Virus. satisfaction is found on my own. Don't Lust for what you See... Desire what you know.
My Motto: thy will be done!
Why I love the industry: I love to take everyday people and put them in my chair. I love the ability I have to see a finished product before they see it on themselves. Its like taking an undeveloped piece of property or a blank canvas, or someones body part, and adding a bit of something magnificent. Beauty and elegance, whether in another woman/ man, or a work of art, are other passions of mine. Beauty is not something superficial, not just something pretty to look at. It is a product of style, and it comes from deep inside. For me, my passion for style and my success are completely interwoven. I would not want one without the other. Style moves people, and the most successful people I know have style in spades!!! When I know people are responding to my passion, and my work as they are NOW, it moves me, its what I love, it is a reflection of my work.
Why I love the industry: I am a creator. A creator is not lusting for eminence. Those are only third-rate people. A creator has no intention of being famous; that will come with time, and the universal influences that nurture the infamous!! Creators have no intention of being respectable, they just are! The energy I bestow is only involved in one thing, my creations!
The best moment of my career (so far): I am currently working with a fashion forward company known as- ghd! I am blessed to have the opportunity to travel and educate others; even though I am still a student. I have worked fashion shows, on the set for some up and coming moments for ghd embassador Andi Bodine; as well as student trade shows giving demos with our styling irons! I am so blessed to be apart of the the ghd corporate guardian team. Thank you ghd for all the love and support!!

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