Jatai's Education Portal: A Razor Cutting Resource

Lauren Salapatek | July 10, 2011 | 10:19 AM
Jatai's Education Portal: A Razor Cutting Resource

Learn new styles from top stylists using Jatai International's Feather styling razors and tools. All you have to do is visit Jatai's Education Portal, which has been created to help stylists expand their knowledge and grow their skills using a razor. This skill can help those stylists who are seeking new ideas for creative styles and cuts.

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Here's a glimpse into what the portal offers:

Jatai Feather Styles: a library of razor cutting and styling educational videos produced by Jatai International.

Artisans Inspired by Jatai: a collection of video education produced by our artisans and educators from all over the industry who are donating their razor education video programs to benefit their fellow stylists.

Trendsetters and Headliners: free video education from the industry's best known and respected icons. The kick-off trendsetter/headliner, with several video offerings, is Vivienne Mackinder.

Off the Cutting Floor: is a blog by Christie Waldrop, Jatai's National Education Coordinator. Waldrop writes about what's on the minds of working stylists, artists, educators, razor/shear tricks and tips, and what's new and next.

Videos from the Web: is a convenient pre-screened collection of the 'best of' razor cutting and styling education discovered on the internet.

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