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Thermafuse's Hot Packaging

Web Editor | July 10, 2011 | 2:15 PM

Successful salon retailers know what's on-or around-the bottle can be as important as what's inside it. The new Thermafuse hair care and styling line benefits from the best of both worlds: special formulations to protect heat-styled hair, and unique, business-building packaging and promotional support.

Thermafuse's Hot Packaging

Most products in the Thermafuse line feature three-sided bottles that fit neatly together and comfortably in the stylist's hands. The three sides also allow for detailed informational labeling. For the products that are packaged in traditional two-sided bottles, the company's long list of "heat-healthy" ingredients is accommodated by a peel-up label that reveals additional information.

Thermafuse products are marketed as a retail necessity for clients who use thermal appliances at home and the company's POP (Point of Purchase) in a Box retail kit contains shelf talkers, tent cards, sample packets, window decals and more to support that. Created by Joni Rae Russell of Joni Rae and Associates, Thermafuse's marketing agency, the POP in a Box helps salons create small, large, single or multiple retail displays depending on available space. According to Russell, the POP in a Box allows almost limitless display options that can be reconfigured to create a completely new look or product emphasis. The POP in a Box program recently
won the Design of the Times award from the Point of Purchase Advertising Institute (POPAI).

"POP in a Box allows salon owners to use their creativity to display Thermafuse products with the flexibility to place displays wherever they choose," says Russell.

Van Stamey, CEO and founder of Thermafuse, adds, "Our salon customers are thrilled that they can create displays in all environments."

Thermafuse's Hot Packaging
Now you see you see more. The Thermafuse POP in a Box is opened to reveal an assortment of retailing materials that can be customized for large or small displays.




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