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MediBac Clearing Treatment

July 10, 2011 | 6:06 PM
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Make-up: Vickie Granado
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1. Complete a Face Mapping Consultation Card, checking for comedogenic products, medications, OTC acne products, vitamins and stress levels. Remove eye and lip make-up with Soothing Eye Make-Up Remover. Perform the Dermalogica Double Cleanse that begins with PreCleanse.
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2. Perform second cleanse under steam with Clearing Skin Wash customized with Purifying Botanical Mixer. Concentrate on areas of congestion. Remove all traces of cleanser with a warm steam towel or sponges, customizing your rinsing water with Purifying Botanical Mixer.
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3. Perform Face Mapping. Look for areas of congestion and check inside the ear canal for comedones. Speak with the client to discover more about his/her causes of congestion and breakouts. Assess the skin for inflamed and non-inflamed lesions to establish your extraction protocol.
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4. To refine and clear skin, use Skin Exfoliant System (BioActivity score 13): Mix 1 scoop Part A with 1 tsp Part B of Skin Exfoliant System to the consistency of Dermal Clay Cleanser, add 4 drops of MediBac Clearing Complex and apply with fan brush under steam. After 7-10 minutes, remove with a steam towel customized with Purifying Botanical Mixer.
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5. Apply Scaling Fluid and perform desincrustation with galvanic current on the negative pole for a minimum of 4 minutes. Note: To customize, whip 1 tsp Scaling Fluid to a foamy consistency, then add 2 drops of Purifying Botanical Mixer.
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6. Perform manual extractions where necessary, focusing on areas of congestion, working to remove both open and micro comedones.
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7. Following extractions, use the direct high frequency: Apply dry gauze to the face and use high frequency for a minimum of 4 minutes. This has antibacterial and healing effects.
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8. Press 6 drops of MediBac Clearing Complex onto the skin and perform galvanic iontophoresis on the positive pole for 3-5 minutes.
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9. Mix 1 scoop of MediBac Clearing Masque—Part 1 (powder) with 1 scoop of water and 6 drops of MediBac Clearing Masque—Part 2 (liquid). Apply with fan masque brush. Remove after 7-10 minutes with dark steam towel customized with Purifying Botanical Mixer. Note: Use Multi-Active Toner or Eco Spray to soften masque prior to removal.
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10. Use a Dr. Lucas Pulverisator infused with Purifying Botanical Mixer.
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11. Spritz with Multi-Active Toner. Apply Clearing Mattifier to oily/congested areas. Apply Oil Control Lotion, Dermalogica Moisturizer, or Oil Free Matte Block SPF20 to act as client’s moisturizer and sun protection. Apply Concealing Spot Treatment directly to breakouts.
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MediBac Clearing Treatment

Shot on location at the company’s Santa Monica flagship spa, Dermalogica on Montana, skin care therapist Ashlee Dana performs the protocol on our twentysomething model, Lola. The mission at the skin care center is to offer professional treatments that emphasize skin health and preventative care—no waxing, body massage or nails is on the menu. Miracles and beauty fads are not even mentioned. That’s why Lola’s experience is simple, yet powerful. The MediBac clearing treatment is meant to treat, clear and prevent breakouts without compromising the skin’s integrity—producing results that will last far beyond the treatment room.

Why the fuss? Adult acne needs special care, because most pimple products are designed for the thicker, oily skin of teenagers, which makes them too harsh and irritating for adults. In addition to the MediBac clearing treatment, Dermalogica offers the MediBac clearing system, a line of products that is meant to be used regularly at home to control the four main factors that contribute to acne: overactive sebaceous glands, dead skin cell accumulation, bacteria and inflammation. To pump up results, they recommend a Rapid Results series that includes three professional treatments and a free take-home acne-fighting kit. With skin that looks like this, who would want to be a teenager again?


MediBac Clearing TreatmentTherapist: Ashlee Dana
Spa: Dermalogica on Montana, Santa Monica, California
Products: Dermalogica MediBac Clearing
Snapshot: Clear skin and reduce inflammation from adult acne
Contraindications: Allergies to salicylic acid, pregnancy (doctor’s approval preferred), prescription Retin-A, inflamed lesions (omit extractions).
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: $85

Recommended Home Care:

MediBac Clearing home system: Morning: Clearing Skin Wash, Clearing Mattifier, Oil Control Lotion, Concealing Spot Treatment. Night: Overnight Clearing Gel. Two or three times weekly: Sebum Clearing Masque.

MediBac Clearing Treatment

Consultation Critical

All clients must complete the Face Mapping Consultation Card. This will help you investigate the reasons behind your client’s skin concerns. This treatment procedure cannot be effectively carried out until this has been completed.


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