Ozzy Hernandez: The Push Back & Deep Part

Alicia Liotta | July 10, 2011 | 6:06 PM

Ozzy Hernandez: The Push Back & Deep Part

Ozzy Hernandez: Slick Side & Spike

“My goal with each of these hair cuts was to give the models options,” says Ozzy Hernandez, Johnny B Artistic Team Member. “Men want to be able to manipulate their hair for different occasions.”

Hernandez took two models with different hair textures and gave them the latest in men’s hair cutting trends. Ryan arrived with faded color and a grown-out cut. Hernandez used both scissor-over-comb and clipper techniques to create a look that was shorter on the sides and longer on top. Danny’s fine blond hair needed shaping. Using shears and specific sectioning, Hernandez gave him a longer style.

Hernandez created looks to fit current male trends—the spike, the faux hawk and the slick side part for Ryan, the push back and the deep part for Danny. American men still enjoy funkier looks, but in Europe it’s all about the sleek, clean, deep side part that should hit our side of the pond this fall.

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