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Skin Blends Triathlon Facial Treatment

Kelly Cison | July 10, 2011 | 6:06 PM
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1. Prepare wetted cotton pads to use throughout treatment to remove make-up and product.
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2. Apply one pump each of Eye Botanical Blend and Jojoba Oil to a wet cotton pad, and rub together with second pad so product is absorbed. Place pads on eyes to loosen eye make-up and refresh eyes.
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3. Apply Jojoba Oil on wetted cotton pads and place on lips; leave pads on while analyzing skin.
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4. Mix one pump each Cream E Cleanser, Enzyme Activator Gel, Squalane Skin Oil and one drop each of Lavender and Geranium essential oils. Cleanse neck and décolleté using mask brush.
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5. Perform a brief effleurage massage, and remove mixture with wet cotton pads. Spray with Purifying Toner.
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6. Using half of remaining mixture, brush again on neck and décolleté. Massage chest, neck, upper back and upper arms. Skin will absorb most of the product; remove excess with wet cotton pads.
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7. Remove eye pads; eye make-up should come off easily. To cleanse the face, repeat steps 5 and 6 simultaneously.
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8. Perform Skin Lights Therapy: First, dot Vitamin K and Firm around the eyes and cover with pads wetted with Eye Botanical Blend. As a precaution, cover thyroid with 2 by 2 inch gauze.
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9. Layer products as follows: Vitamin C; one pump each of Vitamin K and A+, mixed; finally, Recovery Gel Mask. Then customize light to client’s need. Here, red stimulates collagen.
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10. Remove all product from client’s face with a wet towel and dry thoroughly. Perform Skin Blends microdermabrasion: organic exfoliating shells stimulate skin cell regeneration.
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11. Mix one pump each of Quench, Firm, Vitamin K and A+ Serum and apply to skin. Then, brush on a thick layer of Green Tea Gel and massage in. Perform Ultrasound and Electrical Stimulation to help products penetrate.
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12. Apply cold towel on face and chest; remove. Apply SPF 30 for day or moisturizer for night, according to skin type. Finish with Mineral Blends Make-Up as needed.
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The ultimate in facial fitness.

Skin Blends Triathlon Facial Treatment

When Skin Blends moved its offices from outside of San Francisco to bucolic Nixa, Missouri, this summer, CEO Kathleen Carney needed to build her headquarters and staff from scratch. After completing her newly renovated warehouse, offices and training center, she was well on her way; add to the mix a group of dedicated employees who are enjoying the benefits of working with a top-notch skin care line, and it’s a recipe for continued success.

Known for the customized combinations that target  individual needs, Carney is taking Skin Blends one step further by adding medical equipment offerings to the mix. Three different modalities are incorporated into the Triathlon Facial Treatment, demonstrated here, which gives clients bang for their buck and will show fast results. They include the Skin Lights color therapy (see sidebar), an ultrasound and electrical stimulation treatment, and the Skin Blends Microdermabrasion machine that was designed to provide a variety of options for clients undergoing this type of exfoliation. The machines are all available for sale through Skin Blends.

The Microdermabrasion machine is unique in its versatility. Explains Carney, “Two canisters hold two different types of exfoliating particles—aluminum oxide, baking soda, organic crystals, pulverized walnut shells—with a set of five crystal-free, diamond-tipped handpieces to use with or without a machine.” The handpieces can be set from very fine to coarse, and can be utilized for lymphatic flow. The machine also includes a foot pedal for turbo blasting skin on the body, such as bumps on arms and legs.

Combine the three technologies, along with specifically blended masks, aromatic essential oils and effleurage, and you’ll have a client for life. After all, when has a triathlon been this relaxing? 

Skin Blends Triathlon Facial TreatmentTherapist: Kathleen Carney

Spa: Skin Blends Training Academy, Nixa, Missouri

Products: Skin Blends

Snapshot: Three results-oriented facial equipment modalities deliver one amazing skin fitness treatment: Skin Lights to stimulate fibroblasts and increase collagen; microdermabrasion to exfoliate, soften and smooth; and ultrasound with electrical stimulation to help products penetrate and encourage skin rejuvenation.

Contraindications: Pacemaker, heart disease, high or low blood pressure, epilepsy, diabetes, thyroid condition, herpes breakout, history of stroke, active cancer, pregnancy; always use Skin Blends Client Consent form.

Duration: 45-60 minutes

Price: $120-$220, depending on location

Recommended Home Care:


1. Combo Scrub with Chocolate Aroma in Shower
2. Combo Toner with Raspberry Aroma
3. Combo Hydrator with Quench and Panthenol
4. Protect with SPF 30 Lotion

(no additives - OTC)

5. Mineral Blends Make Up:

Face - Soft Sunny Ivory with a little Champagne Pearl

Blush - Dusty Rose

Eyes - Earthy Mauve and Earth


1. Combo Cleanser with Champagne Aroma
2. Combo Toner (see above)
3. Combo Hydrator (see above)
4. Combo Moisturizer with A+, NRich, and Protect

Double Mask Once a Week

1. Cooling Clay Mask to stimulate, purge & exfoliate.

2. Recovery Gel Mask (add Lavender and Geranium Essential Oils) to cool, calm and hydrate.

Color Me Beautiful

One part of this treatment includes light therapy with Skin Blends’ Skin Lights machine. The treatment energizes skin cells and stimulates activity. Estheticians can select from four different colors, depending on the skin type they are treating:

Red—benefits anti-aging and collagen production; treats rosacea and hyperpigmentation

Blue—treats acne

Green—lightens melasma; also use after red for rosacea, or with red for lymphatics

Amber—for hyperpigmentation and softening of thick, sun-damaged skin. The latest research is showing this light is also helpful for aging and some acne.


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