Michael Crispel: Cutting Edge (Medium)

Maggie Mulhern | July 10, 2011 | 6:06 PM
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Dress: Castle Starr
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Top: Heike Jaricky
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Michael Crispel, artistic team member for KMS California and owner of Earth, A Salon by Michael Crispel, in Toronto, created this versatile cut.
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Dress: Castle Starr
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Isolate diamond sections along top and from crown to occipital to the nape. Take diagonal back parting from top of recession on left side to the corner of the right back hairline. Below above parting, undercut to two inches all below the rounds of the head.
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Cut in diagonal sections with elevation. Blend forward and to the sides.
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Comb the section down and dry cut along the face.
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Surface cut with a razor.
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Bring down all but the top front triangle and the diamond at the crown. Slide cut with shears to create an angled bob, then point cut the base for a shattered end.
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Lift straight up and chip into the ends for added texture.
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Remove the crown section and lift straight up. Point cut into the ends, leaving longer than the rest of the lower sections.
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Return to the sides and cut scissor over comb, leaving some pieces longer.
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Drop the isolated section from the fringe. Direct forward and elevate. Slide cut to the desired length.
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Michael Crispel, artistic team member for KMS California and owner of Earth, A Salon by Michael Crispel, in Toronto, is known for his personalized approach to cutting.

“Our goal is to neutralize all drama and create a market for all individuals, keeping our attitude in the hair,” says Crispel, who has been designing strong hair and make-up looks for the past 17 years.

Here, he gives our models cuts they can “switch around” to create new looks. “I would like to create different shapes with disconnection to allow the client to ‘accessorize’ her hair,” he says.

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Shampoo: KMS Hairplay Texture Shampoo
Conditioner: KMS Revival Cream
Styling products: KMS Flatout Straightening Cream, Hairplay Dry Wax, HairStay Dry Extreme, Hairplay Makeover Spray, Silksheen Therapy Plus
Shears: Kanchii
Texturizing shears: Migoto
Iron: IZUNAMI Wide Styler
Blower: Torlen
Nail Color:  Louvre Me Louvre Me Not by OPI

Photography: Roberto Ligresti
Make-up: David Maderich for and Temptu Cosmetics
Photostyling: Viviana Rodriguez

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