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Key Fashion and Hair for Fall '06

Web Editor | July 10, 2011 | 6:15 PM
Free Falling: Autumn's super-star trends.

This fall, sophisticated and chic fashions are making their way from the runways to the streets. Mod boxy mini dresses paired with tights, men- inspired pantsuits, oversized knits and chunky heels are key looks. The hot accessory is a wide belt, wrapped around everything from coats to dresses to sweaters. Make-up is soft and natural; hair is polished and silky.

Celebrities, just like everyday clients, look forward to stepping out in the new fall fashions. The difference is, your average client doesn't have a posse of photographers and videographers capturing her every look. The pressure’s on for fall, and we talked to three celebrity hairdressers about how they're going to prep their clients for the season.

Stylists to the stars Oscar Blandi, Susan Lipson and Lisa Oliver identified these key elements for Fall ’06:
* Even more waves, throughout the season, with length and more refined curl as opposed to the messy textures of spring.
* Some 1960s influences, especially in great fringes that are short, long or in-between. They look right with the mod silhouettes.
* Rich, bold, strong, important color.

Celebrities are already hitting the streets with these new looks, says Blandi. “Designers start the trends, but it is the celebrities who modify what they see and set and sell them. Then the style trickles down.”

Blandi, responsible for giving Nicole Richie her glamorous trademark bob, believes that making his clients happy and listening to what they want is most important, even when the client must appear in the fashion moment.

“It is essential to be honest and let them know what is going to work and what is not,” he says. “When applying trends, I remember what is trendy at the moment doesn't work on everyone. The looks can always be recreated in a way that is flattering to the individual. This way they are happy and so are you.”

Age also plays a factor in adapting trends to styles says Lipson, hair colorist and extension artist for Kate Beckinsale.

“Although all age groups are following the same trends, there are ways to modify them to be age appropriate,” she notes. “Different colors and cuts work better on different ages.”

Oliver, who has created hair color for Michelle Pfeiffer and Goldie Hawn, feels that clients should look hip for their age.

“The one trend that is universal among all ages is healthy and shiny hair,” she says. “Contrasting color, long hair, darker roots and light ends are fall trends that can be worn by any age group. For today’s women, it is about looking sexy, and this can be accomplished regardless of age.

“Anyone can look like a star.”

When it is time to hit the red carpet this awards’ season, these stylists pay close attention to the dress and jewelry as crucial indicators for the final look.

With formalwear assuming more structured lines, look for a lot of chignons and French twists on the red carpet, predicts Blandi. Younger stars will wear their waves back and off the face.

Look for deep, lush bangs worn by Hollywood’s leading ladies.
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