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East/West: Tabatha Coffey and Anthony Morrison

Web Editor | July 10, 2011 | 6:16 PM

Tabatha Coffey, the Australian-born owner of Industrie Hair Gurus in Ridgewood, New Jersey, and a Joico Artistic Team member, won an on-the-side fan following for her no-holds-barred remarks on the show. British gentleman Anthony Morrison, owner of the Londoner Salon and Day Spa in Manhattan Beach, California and also a Joico Artistic Team member, won the whole "SG" shooting match. Now that they're celebs, inquiring minds want to know.

East/West: Tabatha Coffey and Anthony MorrisonEast - Tabatha Coffey

Favorite beverage: Coffee, without a doubt! I am a huge caffeine freak.

Guilty pleasures: Shopping, sweets and my eyelash extensions.

Great getaway: My favorite city is Rome-the food, the shopping, the history, the architecture, the people, and yes, the coffee!

Fab shoes: At the moment, a Christian Louboutin black and white pony print. My favorite BUS (back-up shoes) are my silver Diesel sneakers.

Fave restaurant: Most Sundays if I'm home you can find me at Angelo's on Mulberry Street in New York. It's the best pasta outside of Italy.

Color me: Blondes and reds are my favorite colors. I love the Vero K-Pak Colors 7RC, 6RC and 6FR, used alone or mixed with the gold or natural series. They produce the most vibrant, gorgeous reds-my clients love them. My favorite blonde is HLN, and I tone with Verochrome V9-my personal hair color formula.

Go-to pro products: Must-haves are Joico's K-Pak, Joishape spray and Distortion. I also love, love, love my C2 flatiron [by Linea Pro].

I'm listening to: Miguel Migs' new CD, also Aquarian Angel and the new OM CD.


East/West: Tabatha Coffey and Anthony MorrisonWest - Anthony Morrison

Favorite beverage: A chilled Cosmopolitan.

Guilty pleasure: Three-layer chocolate cake from Sweet Lady Jane in Los Angeles. It is decadence at its best!

Great getaway: Brazil. It's crazy and fun but can be totally relaxing and tranquil.

Good shoes: Prada makes the best shoes for standing in all day. And they look great, which is a plus.

Fave restaurant: Sona on La Cienega in Los Angeles. It is out-of-this-world delicious and has a beautiful decor.

Best color: My favorite color to wear is red.

Go-to pro product: My favorite professional product line is Joico; they seem to have the right product for every type of hair.

I'm listening to: A wide range. I love house music, and I also love ambient, vibe, chill-out music. Let's throw some classical in there for the heck of it!

My biggest tip: A very wealthy and regular client of mine gave me $1,000 as a Christmas gift. The year before she bought me a Louis Vuitton briefcase. I priced it out and it valued at $2,500. Now, she knew the value of a good hair stylist!

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