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Romancing the Nails

Web Editor | July 10, 2011 | 6:16 PM
Soft and subtle colors take the day at weddings this season with added emphasis on healthy, natural-looking nails. “Never are nails under more scrutiny,” says Neli Vazquez-Rowland, CEO of BE! Products nail lacquers, who recommends the company’s new Express Accelerated Top Coat to get the bride on her way with a finish that prevents smudging. If pale colors aren’t the bride’s thing, darker hues that match the bridesmaids’ dresses are a good option. A full range of 12 deeper bridal shades are available from BE! Products’ Feng Shui collection. For instance, Passionate Play is a purple shade developed to bring the good energy of Feng Shui “to love and relationships.” Kyoto Pearl, a shimmery white shade, and pale pink Passion or Bridal Sweet are a few of the just-right bridal shades from OPI. A free bridal clutch purse is OPI’s gift through June with the purchase of Kyoto Pearl and Passion from the company’s SoftShades Nail Lacquer collection. Before color, nails should be prepared with OPI’s Nail Envy to strengthen natural nails. Finish the bridal service with a good dose of both OPI’s Enzyme Skin Therapy Cleanser and Moisture Replenishing Lotion from Avoplex to show off her ring on soft, smooth hands. For a special bridal look, Creative Nail Design recommends their Custom Blended Manicure, an enhancement service tailor-made for the bride who wants perfect nails, but may shy away from enhancements. The Custom Blended Manicure utilizes 24 pigmented powders that create a thin, protective nail coating in personalized shades that can be blended to match skin tone or dress shade. For this special day, choices abound for a customized finish as well—shiny, matte, opaque, glimmery or sheer. This enhancement service grows out, never chips or breaks and will last beautifully throughout the honeymoon. Light and natural tones are blended from the Perfect Powders mix and bolder hues can be created with Mosaic Powders and Metro Powders. —Jan Hillenmeyer

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