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Personal Style: Ariane Farro

Web Editor | July 10, 2011 | 6:17 PM

My hair right now: I have clip-in extensions. I often wear them because I don’t want my clients to think all I can do are crazy short cuts. My natural hair right now is a faux hawk with a lot of disconnection.

My color story: My hair color is always bright, whether it’s purple, hot pink, deep red. I like to show people that you really can pull off anything when it comes to color. I usually change my color once a month.

My style: ’80s punk. My style really reflects my mood. Some days I take inspiration from Joan Jett; other days I'm in a pinstripe suit.

Behind-the-chair look: I usually wear all black so that I look professional, but I try to always wear different accessories, like cool studded belts, armbands or shoes to bring out my own style.

My favorite tool: The smoothing iron, because it can flatten the hair or curl it. You can pretty much do anything with it.

My ideal station: Has a lot of drawers to keep it organized and is mostly empty on top.

On my playlist: A little bit of everything—hip-hop, pop, rock. And a lot of Prince.

My inspiration: My learning leaders at school and my fellow students. When I see other people do great work.

I'm a hairdresser because: I had cancer, and I went from long hair to bald and all the stages in between, so I know how much hair can change a person’s look and how they feel about themselves. Maybe that’s why I like changing my look so much!

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