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Topiary Textures

Victoria Wurdinger | July 10, 2011 | 6:17 PM

Inspired by the ultimate art of cutting, Royston Blythe and Nick Malenko, co-owners of Royston Blythe in Wolverhampton, England,  created "Topiary," their newest avant-garde collection, with dramatic lighting and graphite tones that set these incredible images into context, revealing expanded outlines, muted blondes, inky blacks and deepest purple. Each look is sculpted and shaped with a blend of textures.

The clear lines of a one-length look are blurred to create a dramatic collar of hair. Spheres of textured hair in a variety of sizes are clustered to build a look of pure grace. An oversized blonde Afro encircles the head of an elegant model, while a graphic bi-textured look delivers a shot of drama. Stacked, shaped and pruned, the looks herald the return of big hair-and geometric cutting.

Photography by Roberto Aguilar; make-up by Gary Cockeril; photostyling by Bernard Connolly.

Topiary Textures

Bring it down to size and this modern Afro suits the natural set.


Topiary Textures 

When creating smart shapes, balance is paramount.


Topiary Textures

Long tendrils are "De-Vine" this season.


Topiary Textures

Color contrasts are obvious now, as opposed to the old "darker underlayers."


Topiary Textures

The Dorothy Hamill wedge has nothing on the modern hedge-edged shape.


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