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Ask the Experts: Doing Bridal Make-up That’s Special But Not Overdone

Web Editor | July 10, 2011 | 6:18 PM

How can I do bridal make-up that’s special and not overdone?

Ask the Experts: Doing Bridal Make-up That’s Special But Not OverdoneChristy Thurston, president and owner of Mirabella Beauty Products, believes the most important thing is to match the make-up to the setting.

“Morning make-up is different than late afternoon or evening make-up,” she says. “Make-up for an outdoor wedding is different from the look for an indoor wedding.”

A morning event calls for the most natural make-up. Use light foundation and powder, soft pretty shimmers and subtle mattes. Avoid bold lip shades and anything with a full sheen.

Thurston also warns, “Make sure foundations do not have a high SPF content because that will reflect light instead of absorbing it. In photographs, high SPF foundations result in a white face that almost looks like a mask.

Mid-day make-up must be perfectly blended and as close to the natural skin tone as possible, because as the sun intensifies lines, imperfections and heavy-handed application become more visible.

While late afternoon/evening is the best time for photos, this may be when a photographer begins to use a flash, so you may want to start contouring the face with bronzers and incorporating richer tones for lips and cheeks.

Make-up can be more defined and intense, even including shimmers and false lashes, for evening weddings.

“Check your bride in the lighting that she will be in to make sure the intensity is appropriate,” advises Thurston. “Also be sure to adjust the intensity so that your bride does not look flat with flash photography.”

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