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Professional Hair Color Formulas by Myrian Touma

Elizabeth Yong | July 10, 2011 | 6:18 PM

Myrian Touma's Professional Hair Color Formulas

Color America with Beth Minardi took place October 20-22 at the Donald E. Stephens Conference Center in Rosemont, Illinois. Attendees witnessed color transformations from Beth Minardi, Team Minardi—Tohmas Elmlund, Shannon Briggs Hack, Tammy Laimos, Rebecca Maristany, Mark Mileti, Paula Murry and Raymond Serio—Nancy Braun from Beverly Hills and bi-coastal Myrian Touma. 



Professional Hair Color Formulas by Myrian Touma (after)    (during)

For Jackie’s color formula, Myrian was inspired by an orchid. On Jackie’s roots:

Clairol Born Blonde for 50 minutes

On mids and ends: Redken Blonde Icing with 30-Volume developer (can be used on scalp with 20-volume)

Apply bleach through the golden band to blend. The roots are not fully keratinized that’s why it looks pale yellow. Apply the bleach to thinly veiled sections and fully saturate.


(after)   (during)

Gloria has Level 2 virgin hair. Myrian's color formula included a technique she calls kaleidoscope, that’s good for short hair. She started in back and moved up towards the face. Like a patchwork quilt, Myrian used triangles, wedge shapes and some foils. Don’t worry if the colors touch, it’s tone-on-tone coloring. Formulas:

  • Redken Color Fusion
  • Lightener with 30-volume
  • Redken Color Fusion 3VR with 20-volume (on some sections)
  • Redken Color Fusion 7RC with 20-volume

(all equal parts)

Process 20 minutes at room temperature, shampoo, condition, dry then glaze.


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