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Couture Hair

Victoria Wurdinger | July 10, 2011 | 6:18 PM

Couture HairCouture Hair (before)

(Hair styling by Angelo Pisacreta; hair color by David Stanko; make-up by Lisette Bugeja; photography by Gilbert King, all for Couture Hair Extensions by Angelo David.)


Couture fashions set the standard. Now, comes couture hair, the next big thing in the trend toward making anything truly your own.

"Couture Hair" was born when Angelo David, owner of a namesake salon in New York City, became frustrated with the drawbacks of existing extension systems. Even when they were colored to match natural hair, like off-the-rack fashions, one size did not fit all. His solution? He created his own Couture Hair Extensions by Angelo David, which are unique to each client.

Each addition or extension is carefully fitted to the client's head shape, much like a designer dress is tailored to the body. The consultation covers length and volume, color and texture, part line and bangs, plus placement and attachment system-the salon uses every one currently on the market, according to the client's needs. As the conversation progresses, David turns his standard questionnaire into an articulation of a personal ideal.

The client first commissions her hair, then precise head measurements and a hair sample, along with detailed sketches and designs, go to a world-renowned hair manufacturer, where the Couture Hair is hand crafted. The client's "fitting" comes last; it includes a perfect fit or cut and color blending with the natural hair, plus care and styling lessons.

"I wanted to be different from every other Manhattan salon, and better," says David. "Here, we all specialize in couture extensions; there's not just one or two people doing them. Our clients want what's exclusive and personalized, and our approach to extensions meets that need. Each one is as unique as a Vera Wang gown."

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