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Personal Style: Dena Renee Malti

Web Editor | July 10, 2011 | 6:18 PM

Personal Style: Dena Renee Malti

Dena Renee Malti


My hair right now: Pretty simple. I am convinced that brunettes have more fun, so I keep it long and dark.

My style: Trendy. People come into the salon and expect us to be wearing what they see in magazines.

My most outrageous look: When the Vidal Sassoon team came to Seattle and gave me a visor bang. It was so straight across and thick, people could barely see my eyes.

My favorite outfit: Leggings from American Apparel. Once they’re on, I throw on a skirt with a baby doll shirt in any color, and it feels like I’m in my PJs.

My accessories: I would be really heartbroken if my cowgirl boots went missing. They are my staple for all my outfits. Partnered with a headband in any color, they make my look complete.

My “play” style: Not much different. When I’m working, I am playing! My job allows me to be silly and outgoing.

My favorite tool: My Aveda brush set.

On my play list: Random stuff. . . Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson, Amy Winehouse and a little Rascal Flatts.

My mentors: Gary Howse is my ultimate mentor. Other stylists such as Kathryn Remijan and Michelle Bostick. And my mom and dad!

I’m a hairdresser because: I need to be around people. I love making people feel better about themselves. Having the power to change a person’s look is the coolest feeling, and ever since I was little, I just always wanted to make others look and feel good. In my third-grade class, I started playing with my teacher’s hair (trust me—Mom has pictures to prove it), and from that point on, I knew it was my path.

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