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How to Style Hair

Web Editor | July 10, 2011 | 6:18 PM

Shannon Lamm, owner of the Atomic Salon in Raleigh, North Carolina, and Goldwell national guest artist, did the cut and finish on this month's cover, creating a commercial and an editorial variation. Here's how to style hair:

How to Style Hair How to Style Hair
A. For the smooth look, the freshly shampooed and conditioned hair is sprayed with a leave-in treatment, lightly gelled, then blow-dried. B. Shannon applies a shine spray. Then, working from the exterior to the interior, he flat-iron sections the width of the iron.
How to Style Hair How to Style Hair
C. For the rough finish, he runs through the flat-iron lengths with a molding paste to prepare for finger-teasing. He selects sections, twists them almost to the ends. . . D. . . . feeds the twisted sections, minus the ends, into the flat-iron, . . .
How to Style Hair How to Style Hair
E. . . . wraps the section around the outside of the flat-iron and holds for a moment. F. He then goes back to each twisted section, clamps the ends between his thumb and index finger, and teases the strands up from ends to scalp.
How to Style Hair
G. He finishes by accenting some sections with wax. That is how to style hair.  

How to Style HairHow to Style Hair

The finished looks.


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