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Highlights, Lowlights and Inspiration

Maggie Mulhern | July 10, 2011 | 6:18 PM

Here, Maggie Mulhern asks MODERN’s January cover stylist Shannon Lamm and colorist Tammi Savic about their career highs and lows.


MM: What was your worst day as a hairdresser?

Savic: Seventeen years ago, a colleague and I were mixing hair color next to each other, having a great time talking. She took my color on accident and I took hers. Yikes! Fortunately, her client loved her color, and mine, well. ...let’s just say that’s when my career as a color specialist began.


MM: When was your best day?

Lamm: [When] I met Vidal—that was a great day. [And] when I had two stylists leave my salon and open one of their own—that made me so proud.

Savic:  An international project, Trend Zoom 2008 for Goldwell in Berlin, Germany. There were four of us, all from different countries. We had a very intense workshop and photo shoot and we launched to hairdressers from around the world. I felt like I was floating in air.


MM: Why did you choose the beauty industry?

Lamm: To meet girls. And, I could look, act, dress anyway I wanted—perfect for me. I was like a punk/rock hippie. Now I’m 34 and I'm still able to dress and act the same and make money doing it.

Savic: I played with doll’s hair like any little girl. Barbies, friends, siblings--anyone  I could get my hands on. That made it great to learn. As a guest artist for Goldwell, I make sure I teach the fundamentals to make students enjoy and excel.  


MM: What was the highlight of the cover photo session?

Lamm: I had a lot of fun.

Savic: We had a fantastic team: photographer, model, location, everything.


MM: What was the most challenging part of a MODERN photo session?

Lamm: I was nervous about if you were going to like it. I like some weird stuff; I wanted to not be over the top.

Savic: Absolutely nothing was difficult. The hardest part is waiting to see the shot in print!

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