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Bumble and bumble's New Hair Looks

Maggie Mulhern | July 10, 2011 | 6:18 PM

Heatherette is the one New York Fashion Week event where the audience in attendance proves every bit as fascinating as anything presented on stage. The crowd at the most recent show, outrageously attired and coiffed, saw hair fashion at its most creative.

Headlining stylist Laurent Philippon and his team of 20 from Bumble and bumble created awe-inspiring looks on 41 models, making the standing room-only extravaganza well worth the price of admission.

Ever the consummate showman, Philippon formed coils, which he described as hardened French curls, by wrapping extensions around foam rollers and attaching the formations to a tight, slicked back, pig-tail bun
at the top.

Other design highlights included puffed and cinched ponytails, classic bobs and Afros.

Bumble and bumble's New Hair LooksBumble and bumble's New Hair Looks
Laurent Philippon's imaginative coils.
Bumble and bumble's New Hair Looks
Bumble and bumble’s piece-o’-puffs won audience approval at the Heatherette event, held at historic Gotham Hall in New York City.



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