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Sun-kissed Solutions

Web Editor | July 10, 2011 | 6:19 PM

Tis the season to get barer. We asked four spokespeople for sunless tanners-Liza Bychkov, associate vice president of Susan Blond, Inc.; Cathy Mogler, associate at Janice McCafferty Communications; Joe Bommarito, president and founder of Hex Tanning Systems; and LaDonna Sheridan, national sales manager of Fake Bake-about what's new.


Sun-kissed SolutionsBychkov: The St. Tropez Everyday Collection, gradual tan lotion for Body and for Face. The collection also includes a spray-on, Everyday Airbrush.

Bommarito: Answering "yes" to the questions: Can your tan make you healthier? Can skin care benefit more than skin?

Mogler: Sun Sauce Touch of Sunless, an easy-to-apply, rich moisturizing bronzer that [lets] you see instant results that increase after the first few hours.

Sheridan: Fake Bake Mousse has a thicker aerosol foam that makes application much easier.


Bychkov: Our state-of-the-art spray tan booth has systems in place to enhance filtration, safety, accuracy and result. Sun-kissed Solutions

Mogler: Sun Sauce Facial Recognition, the lotion with extreme anti-aging ingredients, and Touch of Sunless, a natural kiss of color-glowing, yet subtle. 

Bommarito: Jo Al's Tan, a self-tanning kit with natural ingredients.

Sheridan: Still on top of the hot seller list, Fake Bake Airbrush.


Bychkov: St. Tropez is launching new products that feature antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients: Face Rapide and Tan Intensifier.

Mogler: Anti-aging products that give great color. Sun Sauce's blend of Monoi Oil and Kukui Nut Oil enhance skin's appearance. 

Bommarito: Jo Al's Miracle, a therapeutic moisturizer and skin care regimen; it has whole-body benefits.

Sheridan: Tantalizing self-tanning Butter moisturizes while adding a glow.

Sun-kissed Solutions

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