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Ask the Experts: How to Convince Clients to Make Seasonal Color Changes?

Alicia Liotta | July 10, 2011 | 6:19 PM

Ask the Experts: How to Convince Clients to Make Seasonal Color Changes?Joico’s Vero K-Pak Color Artistic Director Sue Pemberton says, start with yourself. “It’s very important for the stylist to change her hair. I find when I’d change my hair color, my clients would come in and say, ‘Do you think that would look good on me?’”

While changing your own hair seasonally is a great way to advertise and show what’s in style, Pemberton believes it also opens the door to new services. “If your staff has current seasonal looks it opens up conversation and inspires clients to make a change,” she says.

Another tactic Pemberton has used is strategic booking. “If I had a client who was reluctant to change her hair, I would book her right after someone that I just gave a new color and style which would work on the reluctant client as well,” she says. “It gives a visual.”

The changes don’t have to be a full-on makeover, Pemberton says. Subtle change is always good. Most clients like to go a bit lighter for spring and summer. For fall and winter, a darker demipermanent color is great, and it will fade away so that by the time spring comes, you’ll have a perfect canvas for lightening it up again.

“Encourage clients to try things out subtly,” says Pemberton.
“The beauty of hair color is that if a client really doesn’t like it, you can always cover it up.”

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