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Caring for Color

Web Editor | July 10, 2011 | 6:20 PM

Color services are an investment for your clients, so keeping their shades fresh for as long as possible is important. We talked to three leading manufacturers about trends in fade-fighting products. Here's what Marion Johnson, vice president of marketing for Alterna, Steve Goddard, founder/president of Pravana Naturceuticals, and Allie Berger, LOGICS marketing manager, had to say.



Caring for ColorJohnson: Every Alterna product is now infused with Color Hold, our patented technology that protects color from fading, UVA/UVB rays and artificial light rays. All hair types and conditions need this protection.

Goddard: Pravana's Color Ensure trio-our sulfate- and sulfite-free Color Ensure shampoo, Color Ensure Conditioner and Color Ensure Leave-in Treatment. This regimen provides gentle cleansing, thorough conditioning and a color sealant to lock out the effects of sun and thermal abuse.

Berger: We have relaunched LOGICS Color DNA System featuring patented Dual Nourishing Action technology. It contains two cationic polymers: one strengthens from the inside, and one smoothes the surface and conditions the cuticle for longer-lasting color that fades on tone.



Caring for ColorJohnson: Alterna's Caviar Anti-Aging Blonde collection not only prevents color wash-out, but also contains neutralizing violet and blue tones and optical brighteners for vibrant, healthy-looking blonde.

Goddard: All of Pravana's shampoos are sulfate free and contain gentle surfactants (cleansers) derived from coconut and palm kernel oil. Our shampoos and conditioners contain ultra violet inhibitors to filter the color-robbing effects of the sun and are enriched with our proprietary Naturceutical Complex to soothe and protect.

Berger: LOGICS Color DNA System, Formulated with Dual Net Affinity technology, removes color altering agents, protects from sun damage and conditions the cuticle. Color Nourishing is for color-treated hair and Age Revitalize help replenish moisture, lipids and proteins depleted from damaged hair.



Caring for ColorJohnson: The future will be about natural products without ingredients like mineral oils, DEA, TEA, phthalates, sulfates or parabens, but that still have advanced technology with superior color protection.

Goddard: Enhance the longevity of hair color by protecting color and by creating colors that actually last longer. We will soon introduce BotaniColors,  color refresher, plant-based hair color treatments [that] will resuscitate color-treated hair with vibrant color, beautiful shine and unmatched condition.

Berger: We're expanding Logics Color DNA System's styling portfolio. The styling collection uses our patented DNA technology to form a fade-resistant seal that helps protect pure tone color. In October we'll be launching several more styling products for textured looks and volume while protecting color.



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