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Wedded Bliss

Alicia Liotta | July 10, 2011 | 6:20 PM

West Coast Editor Alicia Marantz Liotta shares her final bridal style.


Wedded BlissThe big day has come and gone and one thing is for sure-I loved the way I looked.

Michael Shaun Corby created a breathtaking style, starting with tight curls that he brushed through with his fingers, Next he added some clip-on extensions and then started pinning away. We had decided that my hair should be off my face with volume in the front. Due to the backless style of my dress we wanted some hair to fall down my nape. And for me, looking natural and not too contrived was important. To add some sparkle, we shopped for various hairpins and clips with rhinestones that Corby sporadically placed in my hair.

Make-up artist Kristen Deasy of the Glitz Girls painted a flawless face. My make-up was soft enough for a bride, but rich enough for a nighttime black-tie affair.

And finally, what did I decide for my nails? After all the debate, I went classic, natural and light, wearing one coat of Sweetheart by OPI and one coat of Ballet Slippers by Essie. Why? My trusted hairdresser and photographer Jay Goldman both said dark nails would draw the eye to the nails when everything else on the palette is so soft and light, and a bride should not wear anything that will take the focus away from her face.

Wedded Bliss

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