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Intercoiffure's Big Share

Web Editor | July 10, 2011 | 6:20 PM

How do you balance the need for one-of-a-kind color with busy lifestyles? Intercoiffure's Haircolor Council Members share the ways in their first photo shoot, which was developed simultaneously with New York's Fall runway shows and created for all-encompassing adaptability.

The thinking behind the "Color Share"-to help Intercoiffure members make more money with color while meeting the client's need for flexibility, personalization and color that still looks great on the return visit.

Detailed here is just one of the "shares," from Council member Jo Blackwell-Preston. In "Fanfare," Blackwell-Preston focuses on a front fan section and uses near-natural colors. For noticeable highlights (lest clients feel gypped), she takes medium-to-wide weaves and uses three different formulas on a natural Level 5. Her lowlights accent and add depth without creating too much contrast. Share with clients: Future color change is easy.

Color by Intercoiffure Haircolor Council artists Gina Khan, David Stanko and Jo Blackwell-Preston; color assistance by Louis Ferrie; hair styling by Bradley Irion for Intercoiffure and; photography by Gilbert King; make-up by Lori Neopolitano; photostyling by Shala Rothenberg.

1. Break the base. Here, the formula is a demipermanent Level 6, (L'Oreal Professionnel Richesse in 6.34 Honey Chestnut) with a 2-inch ribbon of 4N and dedicated developer. Use a bottle to cover regrowth, then bring color through. 2. Fan highlights. Highlights start at the parietal and pivot across the front to the opposite side. Starting on the left, alternate two formulas on widely woven partings. (Here, Hi.Richesse 7.34 Amber with 15-volume developer, and Platinium paste lightener mixed equal parts with 20-volume developer.) Create an odd number of foils, so you can begin and end with the amber formula.
3. Lowlight the fan. Blackwell-Preston used Richesse 5.07 Sage with equal parts dedicated developer. Begin at the hairline, then add a lowlight every second or third foil, picking up the pieces that dropped out of the previously woven partings. 4. Tone the hair. Here, the formula is Richesse 8.30 Gold with a 1-inch ribbon of 6.34
Honey Chestnut and equal parts dedicated developer.


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